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Parking Information


The Winnetka Congregational Church is located at
725 Pine Street in Winnetka

Parking Locations
There is ample street parking on residential streets immediately surrounding the church. Please refer to the map that will be mailed with your tickets. For evening services, additional parking is available at nearby commercial and commuter parking lots. Please be sure to take note of posted parking restrictions, and park only where permitted. And, be sure to allow a little extra time to park and walk.

Circle Drive Drop-Off at Entrance
There is a small circle-drive for drop-offs right next to the entrance of the church for those who would like to drop off their passengers prior to parking on the street.

Parking for Older Congregants and Those with Disabilities
The church has a small parking lot (entrance on Prospect Avenue on the west side of the church) that will only hold a limited number of cars. These spaces have been reserved for older congregants and/or those with disabilities who indicated this need on their ticket request form. Those who have made the request for parking in the lot will receive a parking pass from us that a space is reserved for them.

Carpools are recommended to help ease any parking challenges. If you would like help finding a carpool, please contact our Administrator, Rona Elder (847-242-0687). If you would be willing to drive someone else who lives near you, please also let Rona know.


Please be assured that we are aware of the parking challenges, but we know it can work and will do our best to make sure everyone’s needs are met. Do not hesitate to contact Nancy Goodman (847-564-3273) with any questions or concerns. Thank you and L’Shana Tovah!

Sun, July 5 2020 13 Tammuz 5780