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World Zionist Congress Elections

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Wouldn’t it be great if you could vote in an Israeli election, and that based on the results of that election, key Israeli leaders who share your values could be appointed to head national policy-making institutions and exert influence on public matters such as combatting racism, liberalizing conversion, opening rules on marriage and divorce, religious pluralism, gender rights, equality, economic justice, a two-state solution, and peace?

The 2020 World Zionist Congress elections are here, and your vote is critical. A strong election turnout among North America’s Reform Jews voting for the ARZA slate will ensure that financial resources will continue to flow to Reform congregations and institutions in Israel.

Thanks to a robust turnout in the last election, more than $4 million a year ($20 million over five years) has been directed to Israeli Reform Movement institutions and causes.

What have these institutions accomplished? IRAC for example, the Israel Religious Action Center headed by Anat Hoffman, has led the fight in the Supreme Court against religious extremism and gender segregation in the public domain, has fought for religious freedom and the dismantling the ultra-Orthodox Rabbinate's monopoly, and has fought for securing equal status for all streams of Judaism in Israel.

Click here by March 11 to vote.

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Videos on the Importance of your vote (coming soon):  

  • David Saperstein, former Director and chief legal counsel at the URJ’s Religious Action Center and current President of the World Union for Progressive Judaism
  • Rabbi Rick Jacobs, the President of the Union for Reform Judaism
Wed, June 19 2024 13 Sivan 5784