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Chesed (Caring) Committee

Our Chesed (Caring) Committee is our congregation’s attempt to reach out to one another.

If you or someone in our congregation you know is in crisis from an illness, death in the family, or personal stress, who could benefit from support, such as a visit, delivery and/or preparation of meals, or a ride to a health care appointment, please contact Camille DeFrank or Beth McCullough

If you would like to provide a dinner for someone in our congregation who is in crisisplease contact Camille or Beth to sign up to be on our list of volunteers. Please Note: We are trying to make sure our list of volunteers is up-to-date. Please contact Camille or Beth, even if you have volunteered in the past, to make sure you are included as a volunteer.


Mon, January 24 2022 22 Sh'vat 5782