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Membership Renewal

Open each of the documents below.
Then, print, complete, and mail them to the Hakafa office
(Congregation Hakafa, P.O. Box 409, Glencoe, IL 60022)

2021-22 Membership Renewal and Financial Commitment Form

2021-22 School Enrollment Form and Information Packet

Please also open the Volunteer Opportunities link below and
make plans to volunteer with Hakafa this year:

2021-22 Volunteer Opportunities

Thank you!

July 2021

Dear Fellow Congregants,

It is time to renew your membership with Congregation Hakafa. In this past year of immense challenges, Hakafa members have continued to be involved in congregational life and in the wider community even though we were limited mostly to Zoom gatherings. Participation in Shabbat and holiday worship, study groups, our many social justice programs, and amazing educational offerings for all ages has remained strong. As pandemic restrictions are relaxed this year, we look forward to being together in person as SAFELY and as often as possible! At this time, we ask that you recommit your financial and volunteer support to Hakafa to strengthen all the activities of the life of the congregation. Your commitments allow members to find a welcoming community, as well as to reach out to enrich our lives through involvement with people outside of our Hakafa circle. 
Please look over the list of 2021-22 Volunteer Opportunities. If you are interested in helping Hakafa as well as our local and global communities, please contact the member listed. Being engaged as a volunteer with other members is one of the benefits of belonging to Hakafa.
Congregation Hakafa does no fundraising. We rely solely on the yearly financial commitments of our members to meet the expenses of the life of the congregation.

  • Hakafa was founded with an expectation that budgeted expenses would be equal to the financial support of its members. Dividing the total budget among the number of member units establishes the level of financial commitment that would sustain Hakafa’s programs if every member unit paid the same amount. This is how we have established our budget each year. This sustaining amount remains at $2550 for 2021-2022, which has not increased since 2019-2020. 
  • We encourage our members to value our circle by providing the greatest level of financial support that they can. Our bylaws state that all members should help “ relation to their individual or family financial capabilities.” No one is denied a place in our Hakafa community because of financial concerns, nor do we require disclosure of anyone’s finances. Scholarships are available for school fees. 
  • We rely on the generosity of members with greater financial resources to give above the sustaining amount to ensure that we are able to run our congregation. Your extra help will be greatly appreciated. 

 Please note:     
-  You may choose to pay your financial commitment in one or more installments. 
-  All financial commitments must be paid in full by May 1, 2022. 
-  Your financial commitment must be made before you receive tickets or other access for our High Holiday services. This information will be sent at the appropriate time prior to Rosh Hashanah, which starts the evening of September 6, to those who have made a financial commitment. 


  • Tuition for Religious School, Hebrew School, and High School remains at $425 per student for each enrollment.
  • Religious/Hebrew School/High School participation can begin only after full tuition payment and forms are received.

PLEASE DOWNLOAD, PRINT, COMPLETE, AND RETURN THESE FORMS with your initial or full payment by August 13, 2021:
- Membership Renewal and Financial Commitment Form 
- School Enrollment Form (if applicable) -
Please ask Rabbi Elder about scholarships if needed. 

THANK YOU, in advance, for your timely financial commitments and payments, which allow us to plan appropriately for the upcoming year. We are grateful that you are part of Hakafa. We look forward to another wonderful year together! Please contact us if you have any questions.


Jason Glick, Dues Treasurer

Deborah Brown, President

Mon, July 4 2022 5 Tammuz 5782