Membership Renewal

Open each of the documents below.
Then, print, complete, and mail them to the Hakafa office
(Congregation Hakafa, P.O. Box 409, Glencoe, IL 60022)

2017-18 Membership Renewal and Dues Commitment Form

2017-18 School Enrollment Form and Information Packet

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Please also open the Volunteer Opportunities link below and
sign-up to volunteer with Hakafa this year:

2017-18 Volunteer Opportunities

Thank you!

July 2017

Dear Fellow Congregants,

Thank you all for being a part of our congregation and taking part in the many ways Hakafa enhances our lives with worship, study, and social action. We continue to flourish as a congregation while enjoying the inspiring spiritual leadership and teaching of Rabbi Bruce Elder and Rabbi Emeritus Robert J. Marx. We are pleased to report that, through a combination of each of you participating to the full extent possible and carefully managing our expenses, the finances of the congregation remain strong.

You will recall that our bylaws state that annual membership dues are set at a level that all financially able members are expected to pay. For fiscal 2017-2018, the Congregation approved a dues amount of $2,475. Tuition for Religious and Hebrew School each remain at $425 per student.

Congregation Hakafa does no fundraising, so we rely solely on membership dues to operate. There are always members unable to pledge the standard amount due to financial circumstances, and we count on the generosity of other members with greater financial resources to pledge above the standard amount to ensure that we collect enough to run our congregation.

Please print and complete the following forms, and return them with your initial payment by August 15, 2017:

Membership Renewal and Dues Commitment Form
School Enrollment Form (if applicable)

Our congregation relies heavily on our volunteers, and there are always plenty of volunteer opportunities. Please be sure to look over the many 2017-18 Volunteer Opportunities, and sign-up to help out your Hakafa community and the greater community at large.

The financial planning requirements of the congregation dictate this timing and the need for the following procedures:

  • Any member unable to pledge the standard amount should contact our Dues Treasurer, Heather Harris (847-530-5135) on a confidential basis by August 15, 2017 to discuss an alternative commitment amount. The Dues Treasurer is the only person authorized to discuss pledges lower than standard pledge.
  • For those who plan to pay in installments during the course of the year, please indicate your intended payment schedule on the Dues Commitment Form.
  • Please note that all dues commitments must be paid in full by May 1, 2018.
  • Consistent with our bylaws, dues pledges are to be made before High Holiday tickets are mailed out. Enrollment in Religious and Hebrew School will be permitted after full tuition payment and school enrollment forms are received.

For ease of processing, separate checks for Dues and Religious School fees are requested. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or if we can be of assistance. 

Thank you in advance for your timely pledge commitments and payments. The support from our congregants is one of the key factors that make Congregation Hakafa such a special place. We look forward to spending another wonderful year together.


Heather Harris, Dues Treasurer

John Thomason, President