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Creating an LGBTQ+ Friendly Community at Hakafa

We create community when we gather on Shabbat, at school, or on the street, and every time we reach out to make new friends.

We open the door, welcoming people of all genders and all orientations. We try to make Hakafa a safe place for everyone, including those who are just beginning to explore their gender or identity.

We get to know each other, taking time for conversation and personal connections, striving to help everyone feel comfortable in being who they are. We listen and understand that each person is the authority on their own identity, and we learn and use each person’s name and pronouns.

We learn together, exploring LGBTQ+ history, vocabulary, and justice issues, and we encourage open conversation. We treasure those aspects of our lives and histories that we share, and we are grateful to be enriched by the ways we differ.

We respect and trust each other, celebrating each person’s uniqueness. We make sure that LGBTQ+ voices are included in our conversations and our leadership.

We depend on each other, recognizing our responsibility to each other. We try to make sure that needs are met and that justice is pursued. Such efforts may range from providing gender-neutral bathroom signage to advocating for equal and fair treatment of LGBTQ+ individuals under law and in our society.

Wed, July 17 2024 11 Tammuz 5784