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Hebrew School Updates for 2020-21


Our Hebrew School Program for the fall of 2022 (September through December 2020) will be solely remote learning in a pod tutoring format.

  • Students in Grades 3-6 will be grouped into grade-level pods of approximately 2-3 students who will be tutored online for 30 minutes each Tuesday between 4:00 and 6:00 PM.
  • Pod tutoring will be taught by our staff of expert Hebrew teachers.
  • Weekly pod session times will remain constant.
  • In order to bring our Hebrew School community together, in place of class once a month, the entire Hebrew School will come together remotely to participate in our beloved Hebrew School worship service with Rabbi Elder and Sara Goodman.
  • Students in Grade 7 will not participate in our Tuesday pod tutoring program but instead will work with a private tutor to prepare for b’nai mitzvah. 7th graders are also invited to join the once-a-month Hebrew School worship service to practice their prayer skills as they prepare to become b’nai mitzvah.
  • There is no need for 7th graders to sign up for Hebrew School as b’nai mitzvah tutoring fees are paid directly to the b’nai mitzvah tutors by the student’s family.
  • Please speak with Bibi Patt or Rabbi Elder for tutor options.
  • 3rd Grade: The students will learn all the letters/vowels of the aleph-bet and become proficient Hebrew reader.
  • 4th Grade: The students will develop their reading and vocabulary, learning to identify Hebrew roots, building sample sentences, and understanding the text of familiar prayers.
  • 5th Grade: The students will focus on reading proficiency and begin working on prayer mastery.
  • 6th Grade: The students will focus on fluent reading and prayer mastery in preparation for b'nai mitzvah.



Mon, July 4 2022 5 Tammuz 5782