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Purim 2019

This year, Purim begins at sundown on
Wednesday, March 20, 2019!



Please help us celebrate Purim this year by joining Hakafa for our annual 
Wednesday, March 20, 2019
6:30 PM
Winnetka Community House

(620 Lincoln Avenue, Winnetka)
Join us for a fun-filled evening as we read from the Scroll of Esther (more popularly called the Megilla or Megillat Esther in Hebrew)! Get ready for some fun as we sing our way through the Megillah! We’ve heard it from the Grammys, through the grapevine, leaving on a jet plane, in a yellow submarine, amidst the sounds of silence, wishing upon a star, with all our heart and soul, under a disco ball, on the television, through the painful 80's, with Glee, on Broadway, in the movies, and more. Join us to find out what is in store this year!
Stay after the reading and dare to be judged by Haman and Esther as you sing your favorite karaoke tunes. Who will become this year’s Shushan Idol?
There will be hamentashen for everyone to nosh! 
Come in costume and win a prize!


Wed, June 3 2020 11 Sivan 5780